HOWDY! “Hall of Fame”


Looking very closely at this photo, you can see the granite award cropped-win_20190106_04_31_39_pro from the Nevada Broadcasters Association in 2001. What made this night so very special was having my son and his daughter there. There are two fellow broadcasters included. Gordon “Gordie” Alsum was my engineer-friend and Ted Bair was mid-day  at the same time I worked at K-DAWN.  Gordie passed away a few years back and last I heard, Ted was living in Idaho. Both were fine fellows, donchaknow. Really.  Just wanted you to know,  and that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN


HOWDY! “That which IS In ..”

Sadly, we seem to have evolved into “political creatures’, without a single concept of a true God.  We have been novelized by fiction! Watching this morning’s news, it is apparent that folks have become convinced that our most precious privilege of “The Vote” is controlled by what someone else thinks, even if we profess to be “Christian”.  There are too many “Illegals” who have been afforded the privilege of the vote. There are too many young and old citizens, who do have the right, who have no idea as to what their Supreme Creator has to say.  I fear for my country.  I fear for what will happen to us should we fail to vote as God would have us to vote. I fear that too many have no idea as what God teaches, at all.  It is out of my control. I hope I am wrong, but the darkness in the valley through which we walk tells me that another wrong turn could be disastrous. All signs tell me that we’ve lost our way and the way we are heading…??  Well, maybe you should read God’s Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 for yourself. I do know that the time for any decision is running out!  The Fat Lady is singing her final verse.  The curtain of life as we know it s rapidly closing.   And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN


HOWDY! “Labor of Love”


SFA A Cappella Choir performing for Rotary International – 1959


It was a very special time in teaching.  My first year at Bryan High and a great honor to represent Texas Rotarians at their international convention in New York City.  Sixty-two voices on stage at Madison Square Garden before a packed house of Rotarians from all over the world.  I inherited a fine choir, the Legacy of a fine musician, Carl Best. He moved to another city, leaving me with this group of  young adults who knew what it took to be the best. We had already been blessed by Roger Wagner and his Chorale while they were in our community for a Town Hall appearance at Texas A&M.  Maestro Wagner thought this choir to be quite outstanding.   At their convention held on the campus of Aggieland, attended by the Vice President of Rotary USA, we performed “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and brought the house down.  I had just arrived back home with Russ Hillier, President of the B/CS Rotary Club called me back to where the VP invited my choir to perform later that summer in New York.  Our first appearance was on
“NBC Today”.  We had bus trouble all the way to New York, arriving just about 40-minutes before Barbara Walters picked us up at the New Yorker Hotel in twenty-six taxi cabs for a quick trip to Radio City and the NBC Studios.  The invitation to perform was brought on by a bit of pressure from our Congressman, Olin Teague, and upon our arrival it became quite evident that we were not very welcome.  We weren’t warned about New York and their Unions.  Our first obstacle was the demand that we employ ten members of their wardrobe union since we had 70 in ‘costumes’! My accompanist was not allowed to play the piano since she didn’t belong to the music union, but the biggest problem was the fact that we were not ‘professionals’ and incapable of performing up to “Today’s” standards. We got by the wardrobe problem by claiming our robes were “traveling uniforms” and even though the choir sang songs written for accompaniment, we were allowed to sing a cappella and since there were no choir risers, sang from a veranda set much like the one for the “Hee Haw” show featured. The choir performed at a banquet at the Biltmore and sang “Give Me Your Tired Your Poor” from the steps of The Statue of Liberty. The poem is written on the base of ‘the Lady’. We visited the colonial village at Williamsburg, our nation’s Capitol  and were invited to be featured for a ten week run with the “Rockets”, but they would only use 40 voices. No way would I leave members at home, but the offer was nice. The ’59 SFA A Capella Choir began a glorious legacy of excellent choral performance by each A Capella group, the Emanons, and Lamar Choirs will forever be a precious memory.  Their performances that will forever fill my heart. as a “Labor of Love”. 

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

HOWDY! “Can You Stand the Truth?”

It is very difficult for me to understand just how confused the majority of those calling themselves believers by what they all say.  I believe what one does outshouts what one says. I must admit concern for many who profess to be “Believers” by their actions.   Believers in “What”, or better “Who”?  America is teetering on tragedy.  Not my words, but God’s.  I do not condone homosexuality, abortion, transgender, gun laws, maliciousness or deep hatred of anyone.  By observation, I am in a distinct minority as to having an absolute answer to ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  I cannot, nor will I, judge anyone as to their spiritual belief or condition.  I’ve not always had the slightest doubt of another’s situation, but today, at the ripe age of 89, I simply cannot say where anyone else will spend eternity.  I do know that, other than disbelief in the Saving Blood of Jesus Christ, no living person has ever committed sin that could not be forgiven. I believe that stands for all other sins. The Bible describes the conditions within one’s heart as SIN.  The problem is too many are listening to the wrong voices and living outside God’s Law and Welcome.  Regardless of the tragedy, misfortune, pain or hardship one faces, without Jesus as Savior, there is no hope for eternal life.  And, life is eternal.  From birth, adorned with Free Will, we make our own destiny. Regardless of our station in life, wealth in our safe, fine home, family, cars, community position of honor and respect…aside from everything the world affords, without Jesus, we are doomed!  If you are living a great life with everything assured, feeling perfectly protected, safe and secure, Scripture warns that all that you possess on this earth is subject to being totally taken away and everything you enjoy in popularity, possessions, personal position of honor and respect…everything the world can provide…is temporary and is a gift from God.  In other words, everything the world cherishes is going to totally disappear!  Your safe and wallet will be of no eternal value. The “Free Will” God provided has a price tag.  Along with all that freedom comes a guarantee clause.  It details all of this in the Holy Bible, but that only source of eternal truth is hidden from many.  What we really have is nothing permanent in this world and everything we do have will remain in this world when the DOD is placed following the hyphen following DOB. Scripture says: “It is appointed man once to die and after that the Judgement”.  As  a “Child of the King”, I will not face earth’s tragically devastated end and I will not answer for my sins. I will have them all presented in evidence as I lie on my face before a Holy God, but I am assured of forgiveness by my Defender, My Lord Jesus Christ.  I Trust in Him and because of that promise, I can only Judge my own spiritual condition of earthly life. It hasn’t been worthy of the Mercy and Grace afforded by the death on that cross of God’s Son and My Savior, but my Faith is strong in God’s Truth and Promise. I just had a physical mishap. For just a few seconds I ‘wasn’t anywhere’. My only thought was fuzzy and it was impossible for me to do anything other than call  for my caregiver. Fortunately, she was close-by, preparing to go to her work place. She got me into my recliner and attempted to talk to me in concern, but I couldn’t speak. I had a slight stroke years ago and what was described as a slight heart attack soon after. Thank God, none of this left me impaired.  That had to come after years of smoking.  COPD is enough to concern a person, but this sense of vertigo and loss of ability to communicate did give me pause. Linda called 911 and the entire emergency crew from Rowlett was at my door within a minute. I finally could carry on a conversation, but my vitals were less than acceptable so off I go to Methodist Richardson Emergency and from there, overnight for observation. I am seriously claustrophobic and even after being given valium, I still couldn’t undergo MRI. I did all the other tests, bravely, but that ‘tunnel and mask’ thing is out of the question.  I am home after one night. I am to remain calm. I have new meds that are to help in that way and I am in touch with folks by “CaptionCall”.  I have had no further ‘blips’, but am moving slowly back and forth from my computer/iPad, recliner, my airplane model and the potty.  I feel the need to share all this with you while I can. I do not know what the future holds, but I Know My Future is Safe in Jesus.  If you do not know this for a fact, please take time to read what God says. Sixty Books of Eternal Life is really not too much to complete. It’s the World’s Greatest Romance Novel!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.     AMEN


God’s Box of Chocolates


God’s box of chocolates is a personal gift of Mercy and Grace freely offered  to mankind, the cost of which was paid, voluntarily, by the world’s first and only perfectly sinless man.  Each person born on earth has a one-pound box with his or her name on it. It cannot be opened by anyone other than the person for whom it is intended.  The number of delicacies depends on the number of times that person will repent.  Some boxes are very heavy and require a number of Angels to deliver it.  All  it takes is five spoken words, “I accept and I repent“. but many boxes will never be opened.  Sinful pride and arrogance outdraws the common sense of surrender, resulting in a life wasted on temporal interests.   God intends for each of us to have Heaven as our “home“. Our time on earth is simply a “visit”, but our human nature is under total control of one of His magnificent creations who mutinied in an attempt to take over and was cast out of Heaven, along with a horde of followers, to earth.  Authority over each of us born on earth is given to that Angel known as Lucifer/Satan/Devil/SIN-ister minister.  He controls every thought until each of us comes to the realization of “LOST’!   That doesn’t occur until the “TRUTH” is shared and for that to happen, someone who knows the Truth must share the Truth, since the Truth is the one ingredient God leaves out.  Hopefully, on this Valentines Day, you have been informed.  If not, find a Bible and turn to the Gospel of “John”.  Read chapter 3, verse 16, then you will know just how special is that box of chocolates with your name on it!

Happy Valentines.  welcome HOME!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN





HOWDY! “Why Trump…..”?


Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

…because God wants me to respect the person who sits at this desk every four years!oval office

HOWDY! “While We Were Young….”

We are approaching a dangerous era in America. Our young citizens may be influenced by the SIN-ester minister and believe a LIE! God has blessed America with Truth and Justice, but all of that “Crowning of GOOD” is being tarnished by Socialism! It deeply concerns me that young adults have been fed garbage by educational institutions for the past half-century and it is very apparent in the political arena today. common Core has resulted in Common Confusion. Classroom have no “Class” today and that’s scary! Socialism is an ugly man-made abomination that appeals to the majority of people who walk in the darkness of spiritual Hopelessness. Political Rallies may be powered by the same emotions that My Lord Jesus’ miracles stirred in human hearts. What if Bernie, Pete and Amy are being misled by a hoax? What if their fervor and appeal is generated by the master of lies? You would think that history would teach us the danger of placing our hope and future in worldliness. God has never failed to keep his word with those who believe in Jesus. President Trump is not perfect, he’s just anointed! His persona is a bit hard to take, but his spirit is true. We cannot change sin and hopelessness that has been carefully taught by hard-hearted educators. Home is where Truth should live and be carefully exemplified by Godly parents, but that seems to have been ignored for a long time. The age of innocence has passed America by and replaced by ‘selfies’ and progressive professors. Shame on us for being so naïve! God Forgive Us! And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN