HOWDY! “What the Heck?”

Cities burning! Innocent people assaulted! Elected officials called filthy names! Police defunded! Babies murdered! Abominable lifestyle accepted! Washington going Socialist?! Cities with Democratic leaders Condoning anarchy! Churches going more left than right! America is more concerned with what’s in their safe than in their heart! Prime time trashiness permeates T V! Elected officials are very open with hatred of the very country they are elected to serve and many Citizens are confused as to gender. Illegals are given rights constitutionally reserved for citizens and news reporting of lies and innuendos prevails. What happened to MY America?! Up until China introduced COVID-19, our economy was booming. Unemployment was at a record low. Minorities were off the bread line with jobs and we had no need for imported oil! Foreign countries were paying their own way a d our military was once again strong with much lower threat from terrorists. But something horrible has replaced that which was good. Back then, BLM meant Bureau of Land Management and masks were worn by the Lone Ranger. They say, “You can’t go back”, but we could try.
And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates right here in my little corner studio under the shadow of Kyle Field.


Gig’em!k The

One thought on “HOWDY! “What the Heck?”

  1. Mr A, this is Sandra Kay Bowen Shumaker-French. I got a FB friend request from you today. It showed 13 friends and had 2 of your pictures but only one comment. Showed dob as 1994. Advise. Hope u r well


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