HOWDY! “This Life We Live”

When I was younger and read this passage from the New Testament, it troubled me. “I was certainly not ready to die, even though I believed and loved Jesus, I wanted to live, just like anyone would”.

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”(Matthew 16:25) As I began to study further, it became obvious that God created me for a purpose. He gave me specific gifts for a purpose. He created me for HIS purpose, so why invest all that and then have it destroyed?

Then, the Holy Spirit did his job by clarifying this a bit. We are here on earth to Glorify God, Period! We are here on earth to be a witness to a lost world. We are rewarded with eternal life if we LIVE a Christlike life, willing to suffer, whatever the SINinster minister dishes out, with courage and faith. We are here to do as God would have us do as His ‘Church’. We must be willing to suffer loss regardless, in order to gain Glory with God! We must LIVE to SERVE Him! Jesus Christ walked this earth, breathing God’s clean air, in perfect obedience, suffering much more than the body can bare, for you and for me. His life is a very high standard of example of courage and conviction. There may come a time when I must suffer just as Christ suffered, but by standing on the promise that God will provide, I will serve Jesus through it all! Whatever comes will not be as bad as what comes should I fail God! I haven’t always had that courage and strength, donchaknow. I have failed to live a righteous life, but still am Too Anointed to be Disappointed and Too Blessed to be Depressed, so how could I ever fail now? “I never worry, for why should I worry, though shadows may come my way? Never Alone, because I know My Lord is with me! Never Alone, he’s always standing by. Jesus has promised to take my hand and guide me. Never Alone, No, Never Alone am I”.

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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