KIMP radio, Mt. Pleasant, first aired while I was in high school. I was a reporter on our high school weekly program, but never in the control room. Winston Ward and his sister, Ruby Stanley, ran the place, but he always allowed her to “manage”. After leaving Amarillo, we moved in with my parents and I got a job on-air at KIMP. “Miss Ruby” was station manager who had no broadcasting experience and our programming proved it. Winston hired me since I had “big station” experience and warned me to get on the good side of Miss Ruby. The programming was primarily ‘segmentized’ in quarter-hour blocks of pre-recorded content from religious to music from both Pop and Country. The only news was “headlines/weather”off AP at the top of each hour and “Miss Ruby’s Hometown News” which she reported herself , Monday through Friday from 12 to 12:15 noon. She gathered local news and shared AP state/nation/world headlines. This was the most listened-to program we had since nobody within the 1000 watts radius would dare miss it. Winston was a genius engineer who hand-made most of the equipment. He even made his own “limiter” (a device that dampens audio gain, preventing distortion). He demanded that all operators pay close attention to the gain-meter on our console. I was on-air from 10-2 and when Miss Ruby went on a two week Hiawaian vacation, I was assigned as her replacement on Noon News. Upon her return, she had numerous calls from listeners complimenting her on her choice of substitutes and that didn’t sit well. Winston came into the control room and fired me. He said it was for not watching the meters, but followed me out to my car to say, “Jim, you have been a great on-air person, but Ruby is very angry and demands that you go. She cannot stand to have a better reporter here. I must keep her happy and I hope you understand how much you will be missed.” I did understand. The thing that prevents an organization from being the best it can be is envy among the staff members. Of course that’s true of life in general, isn’t it? If you read your Bible, you see the destructiveness of envy and jealousy.

(Waterwader and Family Circle encompassed a decade of lifting the shade on a Prodigal’s Life. It has not been easy what with constant lack of access and the sudden unexplained loss of a record of ownership of my site. Once I return to my “Corner” back home, l will blog from My new site is under construction. Leave a comment with email so I can “say WHEN”. Keep the Faith. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.


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