HOWDY! “Dangerous Waters”

Just a quick word 0f Warning. The “SIN”-ister minister is very pleased with the National response to Minneapolis and the tragic George Floyd death, but that should only be their concern. It should never spread nationwide. It should certainly not bring about dismantling police departments! Of course the incident should have not occurred. Of course police abuse must result in serious consequence, but only for the officer(s) involved. We are guilty of bias inclusiveness. Until everyone of us surrenders our hearts to the exclusive control of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to walk-in darkness. The only way is a one-way street that is only entered through Calvary. God Lives and He is not mocked! Stop all this hatred of truth. When you get to the point of total hopelessness (as it seems to be the case for all of us), STOP!, depending on anything other than Faith In Jesus Christ. Should you not, well expect things to get much worse. Read the book of Revelation in a Bible. The eternal life of Peace is possible…Only Believe.
And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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