HOWDY! Leave Sully Alone!

Upgrade whatever, but NEVER lose that which has made Texas A&M the greatest university on earth. What has been on campus for generations, stays on campus for generations to come.

As a member of the Class of ’69, I have long been thrilled by our ‘Tradition’! The culture of our nation is eroding, but my Aggieland must hold on to what has inspired and enabled millions to benefit from excellence in higher education. “The 12th Man”! “The War Hymn”! “The Blocked “T”! The “aTm” logo! “Maroon and White”! “Farmer’s Fight”! “Howdy!” “Gig’em!” “Midnight Yell Practice”! “Yell Leaders”! “The Corps”! “Standing from kick-off to the final gun”! “Pregame Traditions!” AND
SULLY Leave Sully right where he is.
And that’s what I get from MY Box of Chocolates. GIG’EM! AMEN

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