HOWDY! “From My Little.Corner Of the World”

Going Home! Or is it “Coming Home”? Literally, the Waterwader is among family and friends very soon. For over forty years, my hat has hung everywhere but back home. I have literally been coast to coast and it’s been a HOOT, but it’s time to settle down, down home. That just might be a great title of this blog. Beginning mid-July, my corner will be at 2209. God willing, I will “Pass This Way Again”. I shall Return! How glorious it will be to once again be in my little corner of the world among family and lifelong friends. Yes, my hat has hung in lots of fine places, but none of them were “down home”, donchaknow. Really. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN and AMEN ​

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