HOWDY! “Hey, Local News, stay LOCAL“

Do your job, Stay Local! The Internet has made us mad at each other, allowing media to ” incite to riot”. Local news should stay local. Unless the incident directly endangers national security, leave reporting same to network news, most especially when it comes to racial issues. “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas” makes sense for all of us. We would have fewer “riots” if local news stayed local. Think about it! How many communities have incidents of police brutality daily? Yet tragic occurrences in Milwaukee get headlines and everything goes sideways in Dallas. What is good about that? It is my opinion, based on past experience, that today’s news borders on “GOSSIP” and has no redeeming quality of edification. We focus on negative when, with some factual news gathering JOURNALISM might just find something good to report. Oh! Perhaps Local News should return to the basics of JOURNALISM. It’s a lost art, donchaknow. Really. An that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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