WOW! Sunday evening, just as the Tiger/Eli/Phil/Tom golf match concluded, our village internet took a lightning hit twice! It felt like it hit our townhouse directly. Fortunately, not, but it surely did feel like it. Television signal remained, but my iPad and computer connection left the building. (I always shut my desktop down whenever there is a chance of an electrical storm, so it wasn’t hit and the television made it, but all outside contact, even my CallCaption was lost. Bummer. So, here it is at 3am and my computer is connected, CallCaption works on my house phone, but I must go through the entire setup again for my iPad. You know when the ‘boom’ and the ‘flash’ occur at the same time, well, you know to duck! That was something, I tell you. Got my attention. Good to be back and still ticking, donchaknow. I see that many businesses are attempting to open. I pray for all of you who are ‘going out’, but I shall continue to stay in for a few weeks. I do plan on attending the SFA Class of ’70 celebration, God Willing, and continue to ‘wade upstream’. (I believe I have been expunged by Facebook, again. Those ‘sneaks’!

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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