HOWDY! “Scams”

I must be an easy mark.  I’ve fallen for too many offers that were simply cotton candy, but one thing I do know that is real is TRUTH.  As an elderly person, opportunities come in droves of emails that promise something I would like to have, but all they really want is a way to divest me of what I need. Temptation will try to convince you that one more coin in the slot, one more try at the lottery, one more acceptance of Publishers Clearing House, will pay off.  Something for Nothing is a pipe dream and I do not trust them, but I have ‘bitten’ a few times. I had an “officer” of a bank in Spain email me a year or so ago. It seems that a man of great wealth was killed in a tragic automobile accident leaving no heir and millions of dollars in this bank.  I was discovered to be a distant relative and with no other found, I would be the beneficiary of $28 Million Dollars! This person had the authority to pay me if I would send $2800 in a money order (and not say a word to anyone until the deposit was made in my account.  Really? I reported it as a scam.  And then there was one, a few years back, that sounded legit and I responded.  It was a ‘message’ in Facebook from a friend from long ago.  She was someone I trusted and hadn’t seen in decades.  It was a ‘Grant’ from the government that required simply my email address. According to her message, she “had over $70.000 deposited within 24-hours” and all I had to do was send my mailing address and within hours, I would receive a response from a lady who would have checked a list to see if I qualified for thousands of dollars “Free” money.  I had not heard from this lady for years, so I checked her out in Facebook and there she was with family and friends with whom I was acquainted.  Well, I bit and every response was promising until I was told to send money for ‘legal expense’.  I thought, “UH OH!”, something smells here.  So I chose one of those ‘finder’ offers and sent it in the name of the lady who had sent the information.  It cost me less than $2.00 to find that she had passed away the year before.  Have you ever been ‘taken’?  Join the club.  Of course, all who have known me, with whom I share this will be somewhat disappointed.  Justified!  Yep!  BUT, if those of you who have been told of the Greatest Gift for Mankind that I have been sharing for a long time, have failed to take advantage of it, well, who is being foolish now?  I may be the most gullible man around, but when it comes to my Eternal Soul and Heaven, well I’ve not missed that one, donchaknow.  You?

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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