HOWDY! “Importance of Being Earnest”

Back a few years ago, while teaching elementary music to a bunch of students in an “at risk’ neighborhood in Las Vegas,  I taught a lesson on “LEARNING”.  I told the students that the word is  most important since it wholes the entire reason for being.  “Take the “L” off the word and you get “EARNING”.  Without learning you have difficulty earning.  Earnestly seeking knowledge….TRUTH in Knowledge….is the entire goal of life.  The Bible says that people would never know the TRUTH if it were not taught to them.  We operated on this TRUTH for most of my life, but something happened that resulted in the wrong facts-of-life.  We lost the Love of God in our hearts.  We’ve become confused and ignorant.  This video may be the final one I post. (I’ve used the majority of mega-bites afforded by the plan purchased).  I do need to share it, at least once.

(Thank you, Oscar Wilde)


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