HOWDY! “More about Music”

Hint:  since there are only seven letters in the musical alphabet,  the first of each scale is repeated.   The seven are:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G ( A ) 

These examples are all in the Treble Staff.  Five Lines and Four Spaces each.  The lines of the Treble staff (bottom to top) are: E G B D F             The spaces (bottom to top) are:  F  A  C  E         There are seven Major keys in sharps (and the Key of C Major)  And seven in flats.   The sharp keys (above) progress in 5ths from   (one sharp) G  (two) D  (three) A  (four) E  (five) B  (six) F-sharp and (seven) C-sharp. Look at where the sharps in these keys are located.  Fact:  the name of the key is one-half step up from the last sharp.    The flat keys progress in 4ths from C (one flat) F  (two) B-flat (three) E-flat  (four) A-flat (five) D-flat (six) G-flat (seven)  C-flat  Fact:  The name of the key in flats is the same as the next-to-last flat.

Soon I will post the same lesson in the Bass Staff.  Hint:  The names of the lines of the Bass Staff (bottom to top) G B D F A and the spaces (bottom to top)  A C E G    A Grand Staff is combined Treble and Bass  and there are three pitches between,   (space B line C space D 

If you have a piano, play these scales for demonstration purpose. (one finger is allowed)

When I taught elementary music in Vegas we learned the lines Elvis Goes Boogie’n Down Flamingo and spaces spell F A C E

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