HOWDY! “Not All Upgrades Improve Anything”

popular pieces by Jayne Houston

I allowed a change in browser with a ‘new’ Windows 10 upgrade and it was a mistake.  It was beautiful, except it closed me out of my blog!  Remind me to just stay with basics.  While I was “away”, my son’s beautiful wife, Kim, is making final preparation for my children to all, once again, be living in Texas!  She is always looking for family heirlooms and we do have a few.  She located a beautiful piece by a cousin who was taken away at too early an age.  Jayne Houston had a career that gained world recognition in china painting (you can still purchase supplies from her company on the web).  Born just plain JANE, she changed her name for a more prestigious identity.  It reminded me that our ancestry is quite unique.  I have no idea what happened to me, but. Boy!  My Aunts and Uncles on both the Tabb and Austin side were quite talented.  Builders of fine homes; world-famous artists (including creators of very fine miniature furniture) and many could play various musical instruments by ear. On the Tabb side, longevity that produced beautiful china for nearly a century.  Even though Jayne had the reputation, my aunt Velma (Honey) was her student and surpassed her in the mind of many.  My mother was still selling handcrafted items into her nineties.  When you have time, check on Jayne Houston Paint supplies, etc. and Jimmy Tidmore’s miniature collection of fine furniture. They Be Them and They Be Mine, donchaknow.

So happy to once again be alive and wading.   And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.            AMEN

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