HOWDY! “Jack Lemmon”

Jack Lemmon

One of my most admired actors, Jack Lemmon and I met briefly a long time ago while awaiting a taxi in front of a hotel in Dallas.  He spoke, “Hello”, and I just stood there in awe.  He smiled and got into his taxi and that was that…until sometime in the mid 60’s when my Bryan home telephone rang about 7pm.  I answered with the usual, “Hello”, and there was a pause and then the voice said, “Who is THIS!”,  I said, “Jim, Who is this?” “Jack”, he said, “What are you doing answering my phone, where is my wife?”.  “Well, Jack”, I responded, “I have no idea where you wife is, but mine is right here, ‘ya won’t to speak to her?”.  He paused and I said, “you must have misdialed, Jack”.  He said,” isn’t this 714-434-0458?”  “No, Jack”, you dialed 704 by mistake.” He apologized profusely and by then I thought I recognized his voice, “You must be a long way from home, Jack, this is not the best quality. “I’m not surprised.  What’s your name?”  “Jim Austin, Jack.”  Well, Jim Austin, what a coincedence, right?”  We carried on a conversation for a time. He was playing at a theater in Canada and was miserable.  He said it wasn’t much of a play and he couldn’t wait to get home.  He asked, “Since you’ve been in theater, would you agree to never share my number.  I hate to have to change all that.”    I agreed and have shared it only once, but that was long after his death, back in 2001.     Jack Lemmon seemed to be a kind, respectful gentleman.  I though so all along.  I must admit that I considered calling for another chat a few times, but since I had given my word, I didn’t do it.  I do wonder about his soul and all the other famous souls it has been my opportunity to come in contact.     I should have asked.       I will probably have to depend on Jesus to defend that omission, donchaknow. Really.

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN




























































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