HOWDY! “Why Not?”

Congress RecessRECESS?!

Why can’t our elected officials meet by teleconference?  My doctors are discussing my medical status that way?  I can video-confer with my family or friends. News media is utilizing video-conferences with people from all over during this shut-down.  Why can’t those who are elected to serve our country, do the same.  Why can one member of congress bring all business to a halt?  Why can’t the Senate hold teleconferences and take care of business that is laying on their desks?  Why? Why can Congresswoman Pelosi and Congressman Schumer bring our business to a total halt?  How can they do that in time of crisis?  Surely there is a way around totalitarianism!  And, why are they allowed so much freedom, party-wise?  First off, it is simply SIN nature.  Every difficulty we bring about is due to the Sin Nature that controls our every thought and deed.  We are all made that way from the start.  God made us, each and everyone, for a specific purpose.  I believe God to be incapable of making a mistake, except in creating people. Why can I say that?  Well, the Bible says that God became extremely disappointed in his creation due to Sin Nature and simply wiped the whole bunch out by water, with one exception.  He loves us all so much, he saved just a small family and pairs of flying, swimming, crawling and walking creatures for a second chance to do the right thing. He could have made us robotic, but gave each of us ‘free will’ instead.  That ‘free will’ is what gets us into further trouble.  That ‘free-will’ and it’s abuse is what’s wrong with the world.  That same ‘free will’ is what is wrong with the Senate and Congress.  That ‘free will’ is our main stumbling block in our failure to do God’s Will.  God’s Will in every life is that we use our special abilities and talents for the sole purpose of living a life that Glorifies Him!  We are making terrible mistakes in prejudice and maliciousness toward each other.  I believe every baby has a divine purpose for life.  I believe even those who are handicapped in some way, are living for a divine purpose.  I recall, years ago, I had the privilege to make friends with ‘special needs’ men and women in the State School in Brenham.  It was a shock to realize that “I was the oddity” in their presence.  To become friends with a ‘Down Syndrome’ man named James, who could sing every lyric to every popular and country song was a HOOT!  To be a ‘buddy’ to a man in his forties who knew every word of the Boy Scout Oath and Promise, yet had a proclivity to take items that didn’t belong to him, place them in a cardboard box and then return every one to the proper owner when I would visit, have him, with the Scout Sign, recite the Scout Oath,  give him some Boy Scout item, and ask, ” Scout Wilbur, have you broken your promise this week?”  He would say, “Yes Sir”, leave the class, return with his ‘box’ and give every item to the rightful owner. Another, we all called, Momma, would teach ‘Quilting’. This class of wonderful friends made ‘Class Spending Money’ by putting bicycle brakes together every day.  I have been blessed by meeting many such people.  They each taught me something important.  It breaks my heart to think of the millions of ‘special people’  denied their gifts of edification through the horror of abortion.  So, before I can find fault in another, I must take care of sin fault in myself, but it still doesn’t stop me from wondering about government,  and asking “WHY?”

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN[audio

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