HOWDY! “Unjustified Reward”

From an early age, up until the age much past maturity, I did it ‘My Way’.  I did what many who knew the Truth did.  I ran up a ‘tab’ of misbehavior, thinking I was OK, and look where it got me.  Unjustified partaking of the Gift of God, prodigal to the max.  What do you suppose my life would be like today, were I to get smart and honest much sooner.  I will never know, but this verse, originally written to the Church in Ephesus by Paul, says what I was counting on all those years. “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace”(Ephesians 1:7)  That’s why I had my eagle, carved by Pete Tucker, named “Grace and Mercy”.  My whole life has been spent under HIS wings.  To come to the ‘golden years’, having done so much, My Way, and to be blessed as I have been, well, Praise God for the redemptive blood of My Lord, Jesus Christ.  Oh! I still have moments of doubt through human intelligence.  That side of all of us deems all this “Jesus stuff” to be “Let’s Pretend”, but, Thank God, I know the Truth and by looking heavenward, I see the proof of eternal life in Faith and Abounding Courage to finally “do the right thing”!  Read this verse again, stop at the first three words…”In Him WE“…that’s YOU and ME, friends! It’s ours just for the asking, donchaknow.  As far as the rest of the verse, well that’s the Mercy and Grace part.  Unworthiness is totally covered, forever.  Stop and think about the ‘riches’ of God.  That’s our inheritance, my friends.  We are heirs to it all!  My safe may be empty, but my eternal wealth has more than “Gold and Silver”! If you haven’t done so, it’s time you become a Child of the King!  What’s stopping you?  Don’t use the excuse that you don’t know how…read John 3:16, repent and believe and come on in!  HEEElawsy!! And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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