HOWDY! “If Only…….”

‘confessions of a TRUMPeter

I am an avid supporter of Donald J. Trump, period.  I do have a problem, however.  A problem that I, as an active member of society, shared with equal abandon. It is a simple, one-word problem: EGO!  He cannot help but be in the forefront of every event. He is not the orator he believes himself to be.  His mannerisms detract from his message.  He rambles and says the same, “Really, Really Great”, much too often.  He takes credit for every good thing and blames the ‘lies and falsehoods’ of the media for the bad.  He lines outstanding professionals up in the background and proceeds to a bumbling explanation of these experts efforts.  He simply appears to be an “Arrogant Ass”, but that isn’t the case.  His Charisma is like a “Bull in a China Closet”.  He has a powerful presence when quiet, but is seldom quiet in public.  He is easy to be disliked on the surface, but one of the most genteel individuals you will ever meet in private.  You would never believe it, but he ‘listens’ to what others say with respect. He just doesn’t always agree to do as they suggest.  I believe there would be much less to criticize if, during the COVID-19 press gatherings he would introduce the Doctors and Vice President Pence to speak first, his ‘question’ time would become much more controllable.  Then, he could stick to the virus problem and not go off on politics and ‘lying Democrats and media’.  That’s when he loses me, how about you?  Donald Trump does not need to blow his own horn!  I believe him to be a “Man After God’s Own Heart” and God will provide.

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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