HOWDY! “We’ve Never Been Licked!”


This is Kyle Field, the Home of the ‘fighting’ Texas Aggies, in College Station, Texas.  I did color for Mike Mistovitch and his playby-play back when 45,000 was considered a great crowd in this stadium. Today, the average is over 100,000 frantic fans who never sit. Every one of those in attendance consider themselves to be the “12th Man”. A tradition that began a century ago. The Aggies have hardly ever played for less than ‘standing room only’ and today, with the growth of our Athletic Department (some say it’s “The House That Johnny Built”), our athletes enjoy one of the most elegant ‘field houses’ in the world. Even though the ‘excited thrills of the ability God gave Johnny Manziel’ are not evident each game, there is no lack of fervor and loyalty.
“Johnny Heisman” or “Johnny Football” will never be forgotten by the sports world, but the stigma of his downfall, well that, too, will remain. How did it happen? Well, I believe it was a masterful stroke of genius by the Master of this World, the “SIN”ister minister. He took control of the human, Johnny Manziel, and defeated the glory of the gift that God had placed in that body. The historical disappointment in the downfall and resurrection of this gifted young man should be a strong lesson for all of us. Talk about failure to live up to promise and the courage to rise again! The long-standing moto of Aggieland is the title of the first and only motion picture inspired by this outstanding institution of higher learning. This is from Wikipedia on the net:

“We’ve Never Been Licked (aka Texas Aggies, Texas to Tokyo and Fighting Command) is a 1943 World War II propaganda film produced by Walter Wanger and released by Universal Pictures. Released in the UK under the title, Texas to Tokyo, it was re-released in the US as Fighting Command.”  

Aggies may be outscored, but we’ve never been “Licked”, dochaknow.  Really.  That’s why it “Standing Room Only” for Four Quarters, every time the Maroon and White takes the field.  My prayer is that America can say this years from now, when we’ve totally LICKED Covid-19!  We have what it takes to do so, Right?!

And that’s what I get from My Box of chocolates.     AMEN

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