HOWDY! “All Rise”

As a “Believer”, have you ever wondered about Heaven? I’m not sure, but I believe it will be a total time of painless JOY. As I understand it, there will be no physical problems at a matter of fact there will be no ‘physical’ at all….we’ll be spirits until that day that Jesus takes us all back to begin a New Earth. Should I still be around down here on the day that all believers are taken home for safety from The Tribulation, it could be like the “Captain Kirk Transporter Room”, except for the pile of clothes, of course.

How about people you have knowledge of that you believe are in Heaven?  Have you ever made a list?  Every time news comes of the death of someone famous, that’s the first question that comes to my mind.  Is that weird?  Back when I received a daily newspaper, I would scan the Obituaries and wonder about those who had “passed”.  How about family members?  What were the fruits evidenced by their lives, that the Bible talks about.  I wonder how my family would answer that query once I’m gone.  I’ve had close relatives who were involved with another of the same sex and I have knowledge of folks who absolutely lived a lifestyle outside the biblical standards as taught by scripture.  The Bible says that even to look on another in lust is sin.  If that’s the case we all have a bunch of stuff to be forgiven for, right?  In my own life, there is enough detritus to wear one out, so I believe we all should be very thankful that God knew all of this and made restitution for misdeeds of a sinful nature available.  I don’t receive a newspaper daily anymore.  I do wonder every time I get news of another famous individual passing away.  I also believe that I am forgiven for all my transgressions and as such will be considered ‘good company’ by God on the day that I must face his judgement, oh, not on my own will I pass muster, but simply because my defense is eternally good, guaranteed by the Lord Jesus Christ, himself.  I pray that all of the fine folks who have blessed my life have that same spiritual condition.  Eternity is a pretty long time, donchaknow, and I’ve never been comfortable in heat.  I know God and Jesus will be there and I sincerely hope my family makes it.  But, if what I read is reality, “hit won’t mek no nevermind” as Bud Sellers would say.  Glory, Hallelujah!  Heelawsey!  

And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

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