Do It NOW!

30-days IS the correct call!  Disregard the ‘election’, Mr. President!  Make it mandatory that we each ‘STAY IN PLACE’ for every second.  SHUT IT DOWN, NOW for the month of April.  Kill the Bug by 6-feet!  Every One of Us!

Do The Smart Thing!

One thought on “Do It NOW!

  1. Rightly so. However, send that message to your apartment complex manager, mayor, city council, and governor! They are a lot closer to the ‘local’ problem than the President! To what level do we shut things down? Do we do like the Chinese and have the police stop cars on the highway, pull people out and transport them to quarantine facilities? We aren’t the agrarian society of the 40’s and 50’s. People no longer have their own cows and chickens in the back yard. That food in the supermarket has to get there somehow. The people who put it there have to eat, too. What about the police, firefighters, paramedics, other first responders? What about those Amazon drivers who are delivering those essential foods and medications?

    The sheep rancher out in the desert of Arizona, Nevada, or Idaho doesn’t need to be shut down. Likewise the remote rancher in the Texas panhandle probably isn’t going to be coming to town on a regular basis. However, he might the services of the veterinarian on occasion.

    Since I’m in semi-rural Idaho, our requirements are quite different from those of New York City, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, etc. A number of Idaho’s more densely populated cities and towns have taken it upon themselves, and rightly so, to issue closure orders to non-essential businesses. Many businesses in Idaho have converted their production to support the pandemic control measures. One local bag manufacturer is now tooling up to manufacture face masks in support of our healthcare workers and first responders. A local distillery is working with a local hospital to manufacture hand sanitizer that meets medical specifications. These are non-essential businesses which should be shut down but have voluntarily modified their production output and are performing essential community services.

    Perhaps one of the first to be shut down should be the alphabet news networks broadcasting from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago! The support teams for them are definitely at risk and likely transmitters of the virus even if they don’t show symptoms because of the number of contacts they make each day! What isn’t being mentioned is that there is no such thing as 100% population testing. Only people indicating symptoms are being tested because the number of test kits is limited and the reliability of the test is still not 100%! This stuff is serious and like all diseases, it will be worse in some than others but the containment has to begin at the individual level with plain old common sense!

    I’d like to hear more about research being done to determining what the people who have a mild case have going for them. The means doesn’t seem to exist at this point to really track the survivors. I’m sure someone is trying to do that but it isn’t garnering the spotlight.


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