HOWDY! “The Bottom Line Problem”

“What’s in our safe is more important than lives!”
That should be the headline on every front page.  Even though officials are touting the “willing co-operation” of manufacturers, those on the front line in our fight with COVID-19 are scrambling for needed medical devices.  Why have we continued to rely on China for meds? And, are they the source for a majority of equipment patients and doctors require? History proves that China does not tell the truth. Our government must totally get this straight. We are at the mercy of too many foreign countries. “Outsourcing” should be illegal, totally illegal. It’s enough that we’re the world’s “Watchdog”. Businesses must return services to America immediately. Congress must cease playing games with our security. America MUST be self-reliant again. The answer is simple: All American Corporations must “Come Home, Immediately!, period”. “Under God” means to rely on Him, totally, for our needs. We’ve forgotten that Truth for too long.  In conversation with an expert in financials, he reminded me that “When you owe a bank a little money, the bank owns you, but when you owe them a great amount of money, you OWN THEM!” So, perhaps China has allowed us to get into ownership, who knows?  Another thing I have noticed; Fox News is only interested in selling ads.  Notice when they have certain ‘guests’ offering opinions, they often cut the interview short for commercials, or they cut the interview short if there is too much good news being shared.  Fox lives for us to have difficulty. That’s what I have determined…
And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates. AMEN

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