HOWDY! “Dont Miss This Channel”

Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich

If you really want a complete picture of the time we are living, you must check out “Prophecy Watchers”, free on the internet.

These men have been close friends and collaborators in the Bible’s revelation of end times for over 20-years.  They just completed the purchase and refurbish of a television studio in Oklahoma and have a great ministry of internet video and publishing by today’s most celebrated ministers of prophecy.  With over 80% of Americans claiming to be Christian, but with over 80% of these believers doubting some of what God has inspired in the Holy Bible, Gary and Bob are vehemently attempting to bring America and the world, ‘back to the Truth of Scripture’.  I have become a fan of their ministry and urge your perusal of same.  What you will learn is that a very small percentage of sermons delivered from pulpits in our nation will ever delve into ‘End Times’ as revealed in the prophetic scriptures that total one-third of the entire Holy Bible.  Why is this not taught today?  Why are preachers failing to preach the truth of America’s lost love of God’s Word?

Find out for yourself.  Watch Prophecy Watchers at and make up your mind as to just what is really going on in our lives today.  I’ve said that the spiritual clock is dripping zeros….look Gary and Bob up and see why.

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.   AMEN

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