HOWDY! Meet Paul of Tarsus, “Rebellion Becomes a Cause”

Another Bible Verse that teaches “Getting Along Without Conflict” comes from Apostle Paul.
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”      Galatians 5: 22-23

Have you ever considered just how important this man was?  Have you read any of his letters to the seven churches full of Gentiles?  Gentiles, like “US”?  Without Paul’s journeys, only Jews would be welcome in Heaven!  According to Thomas Neary, “Paul’s missionary journeys took place within the political structure of the Roman Empire. This was one entity at the time that had conquered formerly independent nations. So he traveled in Israel, Syria, modern day Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Italy and possibly Spain, but they would have been defined by the cities he references and the provinces of the Roman Empire they were part of at the time with the exception of Israel.”

His missionary journey began the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the World! It is quite possible that had he not done so, you and I would never hear this Truth.  If you study the entire story of the life of this great man, you will see just how powerful his faith truly was.  Paul lived after Jesus was on earth. He never met him, AND, he was instrumental in leading those who were set on destroying what Jesus preached, until one day on the road to Damascus, he met Jesus!  At that very moment, Paul’s life changed and Paul began the task God had chosen for him at conception.  Paul’s life changed from being a pursuer of Christians to being a follower of Christ. His life was never the same.  His earthly comforts were always in doubt as was his personal well-being.  But, Paul, even while imprisoned, facing execution, never failed to LOVE others!  What Paul did has been multiplied, over and over, in lives all around the world.  He has reaped the reward of “Good and Faithful Servant” and I can’t wait to meet him, one day soon.  The life of Paul of Tarsus, a Roman by birthright, leaves one breathless as to how a man can be used for good, who began life doing harm.  Some nicknamed him, “The Lion of Judah”, for good reason and his story is worth researching for all Christians.

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.     AMEN

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