“What it Was, “WAS”, Privacy”

If you haven’t checked this week’s Prophecy Watchers video visit with Billy Krone, you’ve missed some very important information. Very PERSONAL information!
What interests me is the fact that ‘modern technology’ provides someone the ability to take this video and utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence), make edits that will have me say anything OR do anything they want. We will soon be incapable of observing people saying or doing things that are real. That is scary! Let’s say that some Congressman makes a statement and it says something about the Coronavirus that supports what our government is doing and after the edit, the audio/video is changed to be totally opposite. How would we know the truth? Facebook is already utilizing ‘facial recognition’ and can take your postings and make them say and do whatever they wish, without your permission or knowledge. Once they go public, it’s too late. No matter how much you deny, pictures don’t lie, right? So, what has this to do with people who never make videos and never post on Social Media? Well, hang on to your hats! EVERYTHING!!
Millions of cameras have been installed all over the world and in some countries, it is possible to follow every citizen 24/7! China lead in this and the USA isn’t far behind. Lasers have been developed to allow orbiting satellites to make videos of people in the privacy of their homes, 24/7, with audio. There is nothing that will stop the abuse of such technology and I’m certain it will get worse. In the book of Revelation says that God will leave everyone alone, allowing the ‘SIN”ister minister full power to do as he will. That freedom will include utilization of “Modern Technology” and allow The Antichrist ability to address the entire remaining world population, in their own language. There are programs available right now, that provide translations of every language, so this trick will certainly be used for whatever the cause or movement. I suggest you check this week’s television program when Gary Stearman and Billy Krone detail the future abuse of “Modern Technology”. It’s better than any sci-fi fiction and it’s all in The Book!  And, it’s happening NOW!

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.      AMEN

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