HOWDY! “Out of This World”

In 2 Peter 1:4, he writes this promise from God to all his children:  
“Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”   We are all destined ‘out of this world’.  One way or another, we shall remain in one of two places for eternity. What are “these” things Peter is writing about? Well, how about everything we need to live a Godly life?  The “WE” to whom Peter refers are those who, by Faith, have chosen Jesus Christ as their Savior.  No one outside that faith will ever understand, nor will they ever reap the benefits of salvation. In other words, Everyone Else Is Lost!  Forever and Ever. If this sounds arbitrary, it IS!  And, it’s time for America to wake up and accept this fact. WAKE UP! We’ve been slumbering in the false stupor of SIN!  It is evident when you consider the abominable laws we have allowed to be put on our books. (Must I list all of them, again?) Read for yourself from the free “Biblegateway” website. Go to the New Living Translation (it reads very well) and choose 2 Peter 1. It says it all, very briefly. It says to ‘choose Jesus Christ’ and live a Christlike Life. In just 21 verses, Peter lays out the pathway to adoption into the Family of God. I pray that you will join all of us who have the promise of Eternal Life with Jesus and all the Saints, forever and ever! The things of Life will grow strangely dim!  All of it, I promise!

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.    AMEN


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