HOWDY! “What It Is IS Football!”

I love football..any venue-type. I have favorite teams, but they’re all in Texas: Sam Houston Bearkats, Texas Aggies, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Renegades. My Son made it possible for me to become a minority owner of the Texas Revolution Indoor team (now defunct). He loves the Aggies and Cowboys Too. My Dad was a big fan of the Texas Longhorns and was reluctant to join us for the Cowboys and Aggies. I think he lost his love for the Cowboys when Jerry Jones fired Coach Landry. My Son and I have lived in other cities where other teams played, and we would watch them, but still pull for Dallas and our Ags.
Many years ago, when the Cowboys were playing in Texas Stadium, Gene Stallings was one of the coaches.  I had done play-by-play for Mike Mistovitch calling all at home, Aggie games. Coach Stallings was the Aggie coach and we were acquainted. Mother was having a procedure at Baylor Hospital and my Dad and I stayed in the hospital annex for the time she was there.  The Cowboys were playing at home and I called Gene for tickets.  He was gracious to provide very good seats, midfield, but up in the top of the stadium.  It was a rather cold November day and when the wind was up, in Texas Stadium, on the top row, you held on to everything. Having no warm provisions, we were at the mercy of the elements, but we were at a Cowboy game and nothing would prevent us from enjoying the whole thing. My Dad always wore a Fedora and as we were climbing to our seats, a gust took my Dad’s hat all the way to midfield.  Gene was there with the team and he looked up at us, waved and had one of the team assistants to bring that hat all the way to us. As the game progressed, it our discomfort was obvious to a lady seated next to me. She had a Texas Longhorn blanket and it saved our lives. Sharing that ‘burnt orange’ didn’t change our ‘maroon’ hearts, but it was a kindness I will never forget.  

As long as I live, I will remain a loyal fan of the Cowboys, Bearkats, Aggies and, should they remain active, the Renegades, but above that, I will remain loyal to my God. I will not miss opportunity to share the Truth of Life as I know it. I will never fail to be a witness for that Truth and do so now.  Life is much too brief to waste valuable time in Faith and Hope in anything other than Jesus Christ.  He came to earth as a sacrificial lamb for the sin of us all.  Nothing, other than belief in Christ, will save a dying, sinless world and time is running out.  Believe, my friend!  Follow “The Roman Road” to God, now!  Once you take that path, the things of life will go strangely dim and I will see you…There!  The day YOU hear the final “Hallelujah Chorus”, I’ll be singing Bass.  And that’s what I get from My box of Chocolates    


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