HOWDY! “Heart Singing”

Great singers sing from the heart and “heart singers” give their song as a precious gift. A gift that is uniquely only theirs to give. Not all of them had great voices, but every one of them were blessed in very special ways. There were singers with beautiful voices who never experienced “the Blessing”, ever. Oh, sure, they knew they had it, but their song was only for themselves. They would be so entertained by their own voice, they never knew the total satisfaction of giving to others. You have heard such voices. Something precious and pure accompanied their performance. I called it “Angel Voices”. Every singer who shared, unselfishly, did so with heart uplifted in praise to a loving God. It was like a ‘worship service’ and it usually occurred with closed eyes. And it was all I could do to make it back to my chair. I truly miss those moments totally alone with My God, accompanied by Angels. My sin was cigarettes. Horrible mistake, donchaknow. Really

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