HOWDY! “Call BDO…….”

Sometime ago, three years or so, I wrote that our government “call BDO”.  We need a governmental audit, donchaknow!  Folks up there in Washington have lost their frugality.  If you think bureaucrats have things in hand, I have some great property priced right in Central Florida for you.  I bet the mail clerk at BDO could find waste in departmental budgets.  President Trump has slashed waste since he got there, but there’s still too much fat.  I would start by sending the bill for the latest impeachment stupidity to Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff , Nadler, the entire Democratic Committee and Mitt Romney.  I would finally place Hillary in the “slammer” and throw away the key.   It would be a pleasure to take the family credit cards from the Biden’s, Warrens and Sanders and send Bernie and Ms Bernie to Moscow with stale bread and tepid water.   John Bolton would be required to do public service in Las Vegas for life and Juan Williams would be the permanent chauffeur for the entire Trump family for twenty years for fifty cents an hour. All office door-locks would be changed and Donald Trump, Jr would be ‘keeper of the keys’.  The entire Congress would be sent home to do our business from local offices nine months of the year and all Federal Bureaucrats would undergo ‘vetting’  and urine sampling, weekly.   All the unnecessary buildings would be converted to apartments for homeless folk who would earn their keep taking care of the whole area. And with the exception of the elderly and those suffering permanent infirmity, health insurance would be available only from licensed companies at competitive rates.
I know, I know….”ding”, ding”, ding”, ding”, ding”,  here comes my wagon, but that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.        AMEN 



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