HOWDY! “…..Just here on a visit”

King David, regardless of the sin in his life, knew God’s promise of Mercy covered all of his transgressions.  In Psalm 73:25-26, his confidence in the power of Salvation afforded believers by our Omnipotent God.  Throughout every travail, David recognized the temporal life on earth to be simply something to be experienced until  he was called home to spend eternity with the Saints.  And thus it is for all who take Paul’s “Roman Road” to a place at God’s table.   Troubling things down here are simply bumps in life’s road.  The Hope of Eternal Joy can only be found in Jesus Christ. Everything we value during life will fade away: money, clothes, house, car, bank accounts, business interests, friends and family, even stocks and bonds, will disappear. For the rest of eternity, every one of us will either be in Heaven or Hell, period! Which do you choose?  About a week ago in my blog about being a Child of the King, you will find the Roman Road information.  It is also available on the Internet.  Do NOT ignore this truth:  “The Only Way To God Is Jesus”!  Take the first step in a walk with God through eternity!   Only Believe!

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.      AMEN

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