HOWDY! “In Every Emergency”

Pray!   No matter what or when, do this, every time: Ask God for Divine Interference.    David did a lot.  He was in trouble a lot.  Because of sin in his life, King David suffered.  It would appear that he had an eye for beautiful women and he couldn’t resist, especially in the case of Bathsheba. “The man after God’s own heart was tempted, gave in to that temptation and paid dearly for it. (Read the story in 2 Samuel 11  or check on the Internet).
God, in his Mercy, saved David from enemies, over and over again, but sin in his life took away joy.  I love this verse in Psalm:   “I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me.“ (Psalm 120:1).  It is so very true!  The difficulty is that God’s answer isn’t always what I think it should be.      I’ve Messed Up more times than not and, even though the result should be the end for me, I somehow survived!  God cares for each of us from our first breath to our last, but before God is with us in difficult times, I’m not sure if he hears our plea. It could be that a prayer gets answered, only, when the prayer is “A Child of The King”.  Otherwise, Christ Jesus died in vain. God speaks of “His people being ’called by his name’.  That could mean that those who fail to accept Jesus Christ as ‘Savior’, are outside ‘hearing distance’, and if that is so, it makes it imperative that we accept God’s Greatest Gift. Reverend Billy Graham always ended his sermon with a great choir singing my favorite invitation hymn: “Just as I am without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me, O, Lamb of God, I come. I come.”  There’s room at the Cross for You, plenty room.     And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.         AMEN 

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