HOWDY! “The Combine”

Why have football prospects run forty yards in bodysuits?  When teams line up, each  position has a different stance, right.  Why not put them all in pads and helmets?  Why not have them wear cleats?  Seems to me that the more closely they compete with gear, the better the evaluation.

I just saw LaDanian Tomlinson demonstrating the proper starting stance. Running backs, Wide receivers, Tight ends, Linemen, Linebacks nor Defensive backs begin play from such a stance, so why? Quarterbacks certainly don’t begin plays with one hand in the dirt, but some linemen do and that makes some sense, but without full gear, how does the present Combine really tell much except there are a few true “Flashes”. (I wonder what Bob Hayes’ time would have been, donchaknow , really.)

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.       AMEN



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