HOWDY! “On the Wings of Doves”

DOVES A few years back, I volunteered to assist a friend who had purchased land that included a functioning private cemetery.  He had trained funeral directors and just needed someone as “gofer”.  I worked from time to time on weekends. On one such occasion, overcast and chilly, a family was gathered with friends around a grave site for a retired Baptist Minister of a large American Baptist Church in Charlotte.  It was customary for there to be a ‘celebration’ of life other than a sad occasion, and this was certainly that. There was food galore along with soft drinks, coffee or tea, and lots of praise. This man had served decades of families and they loved him for it.  As the celebration was winding down, the coolers of drinks were rather empty.  I could see concern all around, so I drove a short distance to a store and purchased replacements.  When I returned the family was most gracious and I got hugs all around.  I thought of the time in Cana when Jesus was called upon to perform his first miracle by turning water into wine. I certainly do not put myself in his company, but the gratitude he received could not have been better than mine.        I had noticed a large cage of  snow white doves nearby and as the final AMEN was said, I discovered what they were for.  As the ‘congregation’ sang “Amazing Grace” (in harmony), those white doves were released.  They flew just above the grave site and began circling.  They continued until the singing stopped and then disappeared into the clouds.      I still get chillbumps and teary-eyed when I think about what it will feel like when my soul is set free and soars heavenward.   OH!       That will be GLORY for me, for I am bound for the Promised Land! ….You???

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.     AMEN

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