HOWDY! ” The Family of the True God”

Have you noticed how things seem to be unraveling?

I believe there to be only ONE eternal hope for mankind intended by a Supreme God.  I believe what that Supreme God says in The Bible.  I believe the Jewish nation was first given this message for the world, but their religious leaders failed to complete the mission.  As a matter of fact, when sin became the lifestyle of this chosen race, God regretted its creation and completely wiped the earth clean of all of it with a flood, with the exception of one righteous man and his immediate family.  That man was Noah, who along with his three sons, followed instructions to build a gigantic boat that would house him, his wife, his sons and their wives and pairs of all the creeping, crawling, flying, swimming creatures, to survive the flood.  Noah did as God instructed, all the while preaching and warning of the coming judgement.  He was ignored, resulting in total devastation.   Things went along fairly well then, again,  folks failed to do as God willed, so he provided salvation through belief in his God/Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us all. The dark powers of the world attempt to confuse and demean the truth, offering instead attractive opportunities that appeal to our human nature and leads away from God.  We need to return and soon.   We need a heart-cleansing dose of brotherly love again. Apostle Paul, even after being imprisoned by the Roman authorities, continued to send love letters to the church. I copied the only way to become a Child of the King from the internet:

It will be worth your time to peruse and internalize it, donchaknow, really! Just remember that the ways and laws of the world will not save your eternal soul. Being a good person is not enough since everyone is born in sin. What the world needs is Jesus. It’s just a kneel-at-the-Cross away, donchaknow, really!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.      AMEN















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