HOWDY! “Birthday Celebrations”

I believe that there has not been enough ‘Birthday Celebrations’!  OH! Sure there have a plethora of “Well Wishes”…..cakes and candles, cards and emails, balloons and booze and punch and presents, but not enough ‘Celebrations”!  How many people whose life past the age of ‘childhood’, has been celebrated by a gathering of well-wishers who actually take time to attend and appreciate their existence? Well, that’s not enough!  Today is the birthday of my Dad.  Samuel Wade Austin was born on this day way back in 1900.  He grew up and lived in the same town, where he was born, for over eighty-years, but he never had anyone, other than  immediate family,  celebrate with him.   Come to think of it, neither did my Mother! We’ve seen movies and television “Surprises” with a crowd of celebrants, but have you ever been the ‘celebrated’? I have! I was truly honored by a bunch of folks on my  80th birthday, back in Charlotte.   We were living in Highland Creek and I was honored to serve on our associations board of directors, active at our neighborhood church, blessed with many friends and in-laws.  My (then) wife, step-daughter and her family as well as their kin, gathered in our Club House and it was a most humbling experience.  Of course, I was privy to the plan since I had to sign-off on the association’s permission, but I didn’t expect the crowd of neighbors and friends that took time to attend.   It was one of the best emotional days of my life, and, something we all need to experience. Be LOVING!   Here I am in Rowlett, Texas  at 4AM, celebrating the life of a very fine man, and since February is the month of birthdays of Dad, my son, myself and four of my cousins, a bit saddened that there was no family gathering this year, nor any other year for that matter.   I regret that fact and since My Lord has seen fit for me hang around, I will make it known that I wish a ‘celebration’ for all of the Austins who remain, each and every one in 2020. It will not be too difficult since most will soon be back home. And, since many were born around February, we could combine attendance. I would propose a gathering Easter weekend 2020 for Steven, his family and his sisters’ families. Then, God Willing, around Valentine’s Day, another for the entire bunch.   Now, that’s a HOOT, donchaknow. Really.    In honor of those who meant so much, why not all of you take time to ‘Celebrate Life’ with your own ‘Love Gathering’, before it’s too late.   This old world’s scoreboard clock is ticking zeroes.  And, that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.

Happy Birthday, Papaw!   AMEN

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