HOWDY! “That which IS In ..”

Sadly, we seem to have evolved into “political creatures’, without a single concept of a true God.  We have been novelized by fiction! Watching this morning’s news, it is apparent that folks have become convinced that our most precious privilege of “The Vote” is controlled by what someone else thinks, even if we profess to be “Christian”.  There are too many “Illegals” who have been afforded the privilege of the vote. There are too many young and old citizens, who do have the right, who have no idea as to what their Supreme Creator has to say.  I fear for my country.  I fear for what will happen to us should we fail to vote as God would have us to vote. I fear that too many have no idea as what God teaches, at all.  It is out of my control. I hope I am wrong, but the darkness in the valley through which we walk tells me that another wrong turn could be disastrous. All signs tell me that we’ve lost our way and the way we are heading…??  Well, maybe you should read God’s Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 for yourself. I do know that the time for any decision is running out!  The Fat Lady is singing her final verse.  The curtain of life as we know it s rapidly closing.   And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN


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