HOWDY! “Can You Stand the Truth?”

It is very difficult for me to understand just how confused the majority of those calling themselves believers by what they all say.  I believe what one does outshouts what one says. I must admit concern for many who profess to be “Believers” by their actions.   Believers in “What”, or better “Who”?  America is teetering on tragedy.  Not my words, but God’s.  I do not condone homosexuality, abortion, transgender, gun laws, maliciousness or deep hatred of anyone.  By observation, I am in a distinct minority as to having an absolute answer to ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  I cannot, nor will I, judge anyone as to their spiritual belief or condition.  I’ve not always had the slightest doubt of another’s situation, but today, at the ripe age of 89, I simply cannot say where anyone else will spend eternity.  I do know that, other than disbelief in the Saving Blood of Jesus Christ, no living person has ever committed sin that could not be forgiven. I believe that stands for all other sins. The Bible describes the conditions within one’s heart as SIN.  The problem is too many are listening to the wrong voices and living outside God’s Law and Welcome.  Regardless of the tragedy, misfortune, pain or hardship one faces, without Jesus as Savior, there is no hope for eternal life.  And, life is eternal.  From birth, adorned with Free Will, we make our own destiny. Regardless of our station in life, wealth in our safe, fine home, family, cars, community position of honor and respect…aside from everything the world affords, without Jesus, we are doomed!  If you are living a great life with everything assured, feeling perfectly protected, safe and secure, Scripture warns that all that you possess on this earth is subject to being totally taken away and everything you enjoy in popularity, possessions, personal position of honor and respect…everything the world can provide…is temporary and is a gift from God.  In other words, everything the world cherishes is going to totally disappear!  Your safe and wallet will be of no eternal value. The “Free Will” God provided has a price tag.  Along with all that freedom comes a guarantee clause.  It details all of this in the Holy Bible, but that only source of eternal truth is hidden from many.  What we really have is nothing permanent in this world and everything we do have will remain in this world when the DOD is placed following the hyphen following DOB. Scripture says: “It is appointed man once to die and after that the Judgement”.  As  a “Child of the King”, I will not face earth’s tragically devastated end and I will not answer for my sins. I will have them all presented in evidence as I lie on my face before a Holy God, but I am assured of forgiveness by my Defender, My Lord Jesus Christ.  I Trust in Him and because of that promise, I can only Judge my own spiritual condition of earthly life. It hasn’t been worthy of the Mercy and Grace afforded by the death on that cross of God’s Son and My Savior, but my Faith is strong in God’s Truth and Promise. I just had a physical mishap. For just a few seconds I ‘wasn’t anywhere’. My only thought was fuzzy and it was impossible for me to do anything other than call  for my caregiver. Fortunately, she was close-by, preparing to go to her work place. She got me into my recliner and attempted to talk to me in concern, but I couldn’t speak. I had a slight stroke years ago and what was described as a slight heart attack soon after. Thank God, none of this left me impaired.  That had to come after years of smoking.  COPD is enough to concern a person, but this sense of vertigo and loss of ability to communicate did give me pause. Linda called 911 and the entire emergency crew from Rowlett was at my door within a minute. I finally could carry on a conversation, but my vitals were less than acceptable so off I go to Methodist Richardson Emergency and from there, overnight for observation. I am seriously claustrophobic and even after being given valium, I still couldn’t undergo MRI. I did all the other tests, bravely, but that ‘tunnel and mask’ thing is out of the question.  I am home after one night. I am to remain calm. I have new meds that are to help in that way and I am in touch with folks by “CaptionCall”.  I have had no further ‘blips’, but am moving slowly back and forth from my computer/iPad, recliner, my airplane model and the potty.  I feel the need to share all this with you while I can. I do not know what the future holds, but I Know My Future is Safe in Jesus.  If you do not know this for a fact, please take time to read what God says. Sixty Books of Eternal Life is really not too much to complete. It’s the World’s Greatest Romance Novel!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.     AMEN


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