God’s Box of Chocolates


God’s box of chocolates is a personal gift of Mercy and Grace freely offered  to mankind, the cost of which was paid, voluntarily, by the world’s first and only perfectly sinless man.  Each person born on earth has a one-pound box with his or her name on it. It cannot be opened by anyone other than the person for whom it is intended.  The number of delicacies depends on the number of times that person will repent.  Some boxes are very heavy and require a number of Angels to deliver it.  All  it takes is five spoken words, “I accept and I repent“. but many boxes will never be opened.  Sinful pride and arrogance outdraws the common sense of surrender, resulting in a life wasted on temporal interests.   God intends for each of us to have Heaven as our “home“. Our time on earth is simply a “visit”, but our human nature is under total control of one of His magnificent creations who mutinied in an attempt to take over and was cast out of Heaven, along with a horde of followers, to earth.  Authority over each of us born on earth is given to that Angel known as Lucifer/Satan/Devil/SIN-ister minister.  He controls every thought until each of us comes to the realization of “LOST’!   That doesn’t occur until the “TRUTH” is shared and for that to happen, someone who knows the Truth must share the Truth, since the Truth is the one ingredient God leaves out.  Hopefully, on this Valentines Day, you have been informed.  If not, find a Bible and turn to the Gospel of “John”.  Read chapter 3, verse 16, then you will know just how special is that box of chocolates with your name on it!

Happy Valentines.  welcome HOME!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN





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