HOWDY! “While We Were Young….”

We are approaching a dangerous era in America. Our young citizens may be influenced by the SIN-ester minister and believe a LIE! God has blessed America with Truth and Justice, but all of that “Crowning of GOOD” is being tarnished by Socialism! It deeply concerns me that young adults have been fed garbage by educational institutions for the past half-century and it is very apparent in the political arena today. common Core has resulted in Common Confusion. Classroom have no “Class” today and that’s scary! Socialism is an ugly man-made abomination that appeals to the majority of people who walk in the darkness of spiritual Hopelessness. Political Rallies may be powered by the same emotions that My Lord Jesus’ miracles stirred in human hearts. What if Bernie, Pete and Amy are being misled by a hoax? What if their fervor and appeal is generated by the master of lies? You would think that history would teach us the danger of placing our hope and future in worldliness. God has never failed to keep his word with those who believe in Jesus. President Trump is not perfect, he’s just anointed! His persona is a bit hard to take, but his spirit is true. We cannot change sin and hopelessness that has been carefully taught by hard-hearted educators. Home is where Truth should live and be carefully exemplified by Godly parents, but that seems to have been ignored for a long time. The age of innocence has passed America by and replaced by ‘selfies’ and progressive professors. Shame on us for being so naïve! God Forgive Us! And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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