From My Box of Chocolates

My first Stage directing experience was back in 1957 when moved back to Mt. Pleasant and lived with my parents. Marilyn was expecting Steven and I was on-air at KIMP radio. One of the announcers was in the cast of the Rotary Club sponsored stage play, “George Washington Slwpt Here”.  The whole production was in trouble.  The original member who was to direct the play was unexpectedly transferred to another city and the club assigned the task to a member who had been in a play one time before. He was totally at a loss and when I appeared to observe and had just been the lead in a production of “Anastasia” in Amarillo, he asked if I would assist.  I did and it soon became my ‘job’. Just as everything had been before, it came naturally. The production went off without a hitch and I made friends with the lead cast member who proved to be of benefit when I was ‘fired’ from my radio job, simply because I had filled in as the reporter of the “Local News” during the vacation of the regular news lady who was also the station manager and sister of the owner. She was furious when upon her return, so many complimented her on her choice of substitutes. She demanded that I be let go. Fortunately, my friend from the play had a great job with the plant protection force at Lone Star Steel and since I had a college degree, he introduced me to the chief  and he hired me immediately. That was a great job!  I even enjoyed ‘shift-work”. After nearly a year, we were going to move to Lone Star, residing in ‘plant housing’, but God had something else in mind. A phone call changed my life. Bryan Public Schools needed a girls PE and choral teacher and we filled the bill. School politics did me in and broadcasting called. I worked some at KORA radio and KBTX tv in Bryan as well as bi-vocational music minister. A call from First Methodist Church in Brenham, Texas took me on another venture. Even after all the sensational career in broadcasting and theater, it has always been my regret that I couldn’t stick it out as a teacher. I believe that to be a big regret on the part of may parents, also. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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