Corruption Corrupts


In his new book, “Profiles In Corruption”, Peter Schweizer tells a chilling tale of abuse-in-power in government. These four appear to have a sordid background of questionable financial dealings. Headlining the ‘quartet’ is Joe Biden. ‘According to Schweizer (I previously discussed another expose by this man), the Biden family has benefitted from Joe’s government service for decades, to the tune of a dollar sign and bunch of zeros. Yet he is a ‘front-runner’ in the Democratic run for President. Kamala Harris has done very well, financially and politically, due to support from very questionable characters who simply do their dirty work without legal problems at all. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are multimillionaires whose fortunes have increased from ‘serving the public’ for years, also. You need to read “Profiles in Corruption” for yourself. Talk about ‘getting your shorts in knots’ !!! Just putting these words on paper makes me weep. These people are supposed to serve, NOT BE SERVED!!

Draining the SWAMP will not be easily done, donchaknow. Really. It has amassed massive detriltus over the past century. Bureaucrats are comfortably moving from one governmental position to another, department by department. Just as in the case of our “Quartet of Concern”, Corruption Continues. Could it be due to the fact that those who are in charge of ‘catching the crooks’ are CORRUPT themselves. ‘Tis a Puzzlement. Four more years of pulverizing progressives presents positive prospects.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN