Snakes in the Grass

Why do we elect people to power without knowing about their connections and memberships? How can we possibly be comfortable with giving power to govern to individuals who do not ‘love’ our country? We have politicians, in both parties, who are card-carrying members of organiztions whose sole purpose is to overthrow this nation. Many of those who participated in the attempt to impeach our President have close ties to Communist and ‘terrorist’ organizations. It makes me ill! Now, perhaps you see the importance of what Donald J. Trmp meant by “Draining the Swamp”. We require background checks of everyone who works in sensitive branches of our government, but all these who are without love for my country to do as they please with our laws. This doesn’t make any sense, at all. And to make things worse, Social Democrats favor issuing a drivers license and voting rights to Illegals. Talk about fixing elections?!!! Ridiculous! Just like Madge said, “God will get them for that”, but I would like to live to see it, donchaknow. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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