Fear Not

“For Behold I bring you great tidings of great joy!”

Those are the words we need to recall every time something jumps up and bites us on the rear! And that will be happening more and more lm this life/ You will be inundated by AI! Artificial Intelligence is here and it soon will take over. Already driverless automobiles have been tested in over a billion miles, worldwide. Eventually we will not be allowed to drive an automobile, be transported in “Pods”. But the biggest invasion of our lives will come with “personal assistants” with information gathered from social media, like Facebook and Google, that will know us better than we know ourselves. They will be offered for free by download and will have the power to control thought and deed. You doubt his old guy? Get the information or yourself on our friendly internet. It all has to do with “5Gig”. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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