A Good Case For Tough Love

There is a current Lincoln commercial on TV that simply ticks me off. Some poor lady comes home and finds total chaos. I wonder if there really is this type of family today. In one of the spots, she comes to find her parents have come to visit with pet goats. Now, that explains why she has no idea as to how to rear children.  It concerns me as to what television is teaching. We are inundated with the lie that drinking alcoholic beverage is the best way to have fun. We are entertained by dysfunctional families. A man called “Mayhem” sells insurance, perfume is so hot it burns or so cold it freezes, touchdowns are celebrated by “Boogaloo” and happy marriages must have a pair of pickups. (I wonder how long it will be when an automobile accident will occur when the driver was too drunk to drive and left it up the AI?)  All of this to simply say, “Dads! Take charge!”  And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

And that’s wa I getr