Living in Sin

So Delicous

This topic hits home to me. As a Prodigal, I was “All In”. daily, convinced that Mercy and Grace covered my transgression, I sailed along for decades, totally unaware of the bill coming due. Just prior to Christmas, 2016, I got the taste of the dish I had served the mother of my children over thirty years earlier and will never forget it. “Living together”, unmarried, violates God’s law and even though it is generally condoned, it comes with a cost. Adultery is not an unpardonable sin, but it places layers of hurts that soon damage the comfort zone. The price for sin, even though paid in full by Jesus Christ, can remain as garbage that continues to stink. The SINister minister continues to fight for victory, every day of a believer’s life. Each negative adds up and at just the right time, he whispers, “Enough is Enough!” and it is. What I thought was ‘true love’, must have been a sham. Today, depending on a very precious lady and her niece for care, I can see just how wrong my life-choices have been. To follow the meandering of my career could leave one out-of-breath and scratching your head in disbelief, but facts are that I have been presented too many wonderful opportunities to realize just how great is our God! Many spend their entire life never hearing applause. Too many very important citizens spend an entire life of ministry, never being even slapped in the back for a job well done. Mine has been exceptionally blessed. No way could the music of my life have been composed by other than “He who was and is and is to be”! I do know that for all who have faithfully invested that which God gave them, unselfishly, will have a very heavy, precious jewel-laden crown. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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