Those NFL great moments still hurt

My Dallas Cowboys seem to be featured in most of these moments since they’ve been involved in the majority of those championship games. They didn’t have a very exciting beginning. According to records, they played many games in the Cotton Bowl before less than 6,000 fans. Much to the disdain of their coach, Tom Landry, they were terrible. Even with Dandy Don Meredith, the Cowboys didn’t really worry any other team for years. Then, finally, at last, they made it through to championships! Here’s where those film clips pull on pucker strings. “The Ice Bowl” sneak by Starr, “The Catch” with San Francisco, “The Immaculate Reception” with the Steelers (I agree with John Madden that that ball touched the turf), The muffed reception in the end zone that made the Forty9ners champs, the “Hail Mary” with the Vikings, the one-handed catch by Beckham, Jr., Romo’s fumbled ball when a place-kick was assured and “The Catch that Wasn’t” against the Packers. Now, we have a ‘young team with promise’. Now, we will be loved by fans and hated by sports ‘talking heads’. Every other more important happening, including a disastrous hurricane, was overshadowed by Zeke’s hold-out. I must admit a tremble or two at each kickoff, but I still wear my “colors” and hang on every move of the game. Personally, I regret that Tony never got us to the ‘big dance’, but it is a warming thought to see “82”

still filled with a Witten, donchaknow.  And while I’m on the subject, I do not believe that there will be another man of character like Tom Landry. I simply can’t see any incident that would bring about the “f”bomb from Coach Landry. Really!

Anyway, I will welcome further hurtful stuff, should we have the sixth Lombardy in the lobby at the Star!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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