The Boys with a bullseye on the back

My Dallas Cowboys appear to have a bunch of fans, home and away, but not from the ‘experts’ doing sports reporting. Every network sports show contains a heavy does of “AntiDALLAS”. They handled the New York Giants rather handily with Dak as good as it gets. Jason can still get a first down; Cooper, Gallup, Cobb and Austin are scary threats and then there’s that O-line blasting through, making holes for Zeke AND a defense that is loaded with talent, all coached by a very fine staff and a head coach who isn’t the least bit overwhelmed by the last year of a contract. No wonder there is envy among the experts (who seem to favor plastic surgery). My team will always be targeted and admired, donchaknow. Really. If they play to their potential, they will make it. And my Aggies? Well, Jimbo will see to it that they will make it also. Like the man said, “Zeke WHO?”, well I will turn around in my new shirt and announce “THAT’S WHO!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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