Peanut Butter ‘n Honey

I see that the most popular sandwich in America is “grilled cheese” and that surprises me a bit. I would have thought it to be a hamburger with cheese and bacon.  You can’t beat a grilled cheese with dill pickle, donchaknow. Really.  But it has been my experience to find the most popular sandwich to be peanut butter and honey on potato bread (trim the crust). I put a ton of these, along with a paper napkin, in a baggie, for years. If my ‘meals-on-wheels’ lunch fails to appeal, I will build another of these today. Speaking of MOW, there surely are a bunch of fine folks who volunteer to bring those meals to those of us who can surely use them. I live in an apartment complex of over 300 units and I must be the last one on the schedule since I usually  am offered two meals. I asked why yesterday and was told that some in my complex don’t answer the door. That makes me wonder if after knocking, the volunteer may not wait long enough for one of us elders to make it to the door.  If I’m in my lift chair, I announce ‘loudly’, “Just a minute!”. I’ve never been known to miss a meal! (by the way, I prefer ‘chunky’ and surely do miss that ‘raw honey)  Thank God for good samaritans! 

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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