I just read that there is a movement afoot to ban “facial recognition technology”. That seems to be closing the barn after the horse got out. We all have our image floating all over the  universe and since there are so many bent on mayhem, running loose, why not utilize something that will quickly identify them ‘BEFORE’ they do it? 

Personally, I have already shared so much of my personal life on this internet over the past decades, ‘hitdonmeknodiffunce’, donchaknow. really. The only endangered person is my self. I do not own a firearm. I have a ‘throwing knife’ somewhere and a miniature cross-bow (don’t know where the darts are). I do not drive and last year I rented a scooter at the State Fair and nearly ran over a lady trying to back up, so that’s out. There are a bunch of pics of me from young to old, bearded with long hair, shaved and burred, so why worry, right? There’s no telling just how much someone knows about me anyhow. Personal information is out there and it’s Biblical. The whole shooting match is headed toward one-world-government and the only safety any of us truly has is by Faith in Jesus Christ. So, bring all the technological invasion on. My only concern is for the lost who don’t have Jesus. By, the way, I was disconnected doing a video on Facebook due to terminated internet connection. No so on my end, donchaknow. 

Really! “For I know in whom I believe and know HE is able to keep me safe, forever”!  And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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