A Bit of Honey

Thank God for Bees! Singers use various methods for keeping a clear voice. While touring all those towns, using my voice a lot, I utilized the power of honey. I am not a tea enthusiast, but from college years, my day begins with a cup of coffee. Up until retirement, it included a teaspoon or two of honey. An Uncle-by-marriage was a beekeeper in Rosebud, outside Waco, Texas. He had fields of clover for the source. We had a supply of raw clover honey all the time. Honey is a natural lubricant.  For a time, my daughter-in-law sent a case of honey every Christmas. She purchased it from  Monks in some monastery back east. Honey bees fly hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles to make one pound of honey. No wonder a jar of it is never cheap, especially ‘pure’. 

Have you ever considered the significance of God’s promise, to the children of Israel, of the land ‘flowing with milk and honey’?

I believe it meant a fertile land of grass and flowers. Without that, what would cows eat and bees gather? God sure is smart, donchaknow. Really!

Even though I take a bit of creamer with my morning cup, today, I have deep appreciation of the delicious cups with honey, Honey!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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