Impetus of a Life

l wonder about stuff a lot. I have shared the fact that I’ve had a pretty great life. God opened doors that simply blessed me with wonderful experiences and friends. I really am too blessed to be depressed and too anointed to be disappointed. But, I wonder…..what has my time on this earth has meant to others? Just what good have I done for the ‘common good’. I’ve had a hoot, donchaknow, but has it all been selfishly for me? Has this journey resulted in something good for you?  Have I been a blessing in return? Pensive perusal makes up my day now. I recall Peggy Lee’s big hit, ‘Is that all there is?”  Every time I played it the question hit home. Have you had as great a life as I have had? My life has been music. My melodic memories are sweet, even with the moments of staccato. The tempo for years was allegretto, but today, Largo, with many moments of repose. I do miss those exciting, creative days, but too dwell on regret is a total waste of time. So, I pray that each of my accomplishments resulted in a beginning of something wonderfully blessed for each of you. I have truly been blessed by each passing. To God Be The Glory!  And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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